If I be Waspish... (City Lit - Taming of the Shrew with OPFT)


If I be Waspish... (City Lit - Taming of the Shrew with OPFT)

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If I be Waspish...
Taming of the Shrew with Oak Park Festival Theatre

July 25-29
9am-3pm (Class ends at 6pm on Friday)
Recommended for Ages 12-16


Kate is fiery and independent; Petruchio is betting he can tame her into a sweet and obedient wife.  What follows is one of the most compelling and most problematic plays in Shakespeare’s canon.  And that’s why The Viola Project wants you tackle it head on; with wit, with cunning and with an all girl team of players.  We want you to look at some of the more challenging and complicated aspects of the play in this camp designed for older girls.  Campers at City Lit will keep in touch with our Oak Park camp and then join them for a joint performance on Friday in Austin Gardens.  

Please note this camp for older students will be bringing up mature themes that are presented in the play.

- Fonseca Martial Arts
- Professor, and frequent Chicago Shakespeare Scholar Regina Buccola


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