Histories and Hamilton! (CITY LIT)


Histories and Hamilton! (CITY LIT)


July 24-28

For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground And tell sad stories of the death of kings  
History has its eyes on you

What do Shakespeare and Lin-Manuel Miranda have in common?  A lot, it turns out!  Both writers re-imagine history as exceptional entertainment and performed to sold out houses  Both are able to make old stories feel electric and exciting.  Join The Viola Project as we explore and perform Shakespeare’s history plays like Henry V and Richard II in a new light and bring our own take on the past -- this time with more girl power!  If you're a Hamilton fan and you want to see what all the Shakespeare fuss is about, this camp is for you!

Guest Workshop and Field Trip:
- Workshop with Young Chicago Authors, the producers of Louder than a Bomb
- Additional workshop/field trip TBA

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