Macbeth (CITY LIT)


Macbeth (CITY LIT)


July 17-21

A drum! A drum!  Macbeth doth come!  

Nothing says summer more than taking a good old trip to war torn Scotland for some witchcraft, murder and regicide!   Shakespeare's play of prophecies, uninvited dinner ghosts and those darn bloody spots goes great with ice cream and beach day.  Join us for a bit of fun with Macbeth and his ultimate evil Queen, the esteemed Lady M.  You're invited to Dunsinane this summer... just try not to say the "M Word" in the theatre...

Guest Workshop and Field Trip:
- Workshop with R&D Fight Choreography
- Field trip to the Art Institute to view their newly renovated "Medieval and Renaissance Art, Arms, and Armor" exhibit

This camp is recommended for ages 10-14

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