Rebel Girls Fight Back (Oak Park)

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Rebel Girls Fight Back (Oak Park)


July 9-13
Taught by Jaq and Carlyle

"Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?"

This summer we’re offering our first EVER intensive five day fight camp!  Whether you’re inspired by Last Jedi’s Rey or you have a serious devotion to Joan of Arc, this camp will teach you how to fight for glory, love and honor…or at least make it look like you’re fighting!  We’ll pull from Shakespeare’s greatest fights from Macbeth vs Macduff to Montagues vs Capulets.  And what’s more, we’ll be teaching touch consent as the basis for great stage combat so everyone can remain safe, brave and in control of their bodies.

Guest Artist: Workshop on self defense with Thousand Waves.
Guest Artist: Workshop on Special Effect Stage Makeup.

Scholarships are available! Click here to apply.

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