The Quality of Mercy: The Merchant of Venice (City Lit)

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The Quality of Mercy: The Merchant of Venice (City Lit)


August 6-10
Taught by Jessica and Tiffany

"If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

Whether you are interested in becoming a lawyer or you just want to make the world a better place, join the Viola Project as we examine justice, mercy and pounds of flesh in one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays. Experience cross dressing lady lawyers as they command a courtroom and get the inside scoop on how the law worked in Shakespeare’s Venice and how it works today. In this week long camp we will tackle the tough questions that come up in Merchant and ponder whether anyone can truly be without prejudice.  

Field Trip: Tour of the Cook County Courthouse and observation of a trial at the Daley Center
Guest Artist: Mikva Challenge

**This camp will tackle difficult questions dealing with bias. Recommended for ages 12-16 or by permission.** 

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