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The Viola Project is the only organization in the Chicagoland area that empowers girls through the works of William Shakespeare. At our workshops and camps, girls learn to speak up and speak out with the most gorgeous and complicated text in the English language.

Our Core Values:

Agency in Approaching and Learning Complex Texts  

Viola Girls delve into Shakespeare's texts and are provided with tools to support personal investment and agency in learning. A Viola Girl is comfortable looking up unknown words, paraphrasing Shakespeare's language, looking for context clues, understanding figurative language, and ultimately grasping the power of speech. A Viola Girl is more likely to be motivated to approach Shakespeare and other poetic texts with ease, confidence, and personal courage than an average student.

Understanding Diverse Points of View  

Viola Girls strive to explain and embody alternate points of view in order to forge a more understanding and less reactionary future. Through teacher led discussions, creative writing exercises, scene work and more, a Viola Girl is encouraged and expected to not only connect her world to that of the character she is playing, but also to use an actor's tools to better understand contemporary peers and current issues.  
A Viola Girls reaches beyond her personal scope of the world to build bridges between herself and others, whether it be Hamlet, a fellow student, or a world leader.

Strengthening Communities  

Viola Girls build strong relationships with her peers and larger communities. Through team building and theatre based activities, a Viola Girl forms a unique sense of ensemble. A Viola Girl supports her peers' creative and personal endeavors as well as connects her work in class to her community through conversation and family field trips.  She understands that her own agency in texts and ability to grasp alternate points of view grows in merit when she brings it beyond the classroom.