Introducing our revamped core values!

At The Viola Project, we believe in three core values:
Play, Empathy, and Strength.

Play is the ability to take risks, commit to actions, and follow through without fear of being “wrong.”
- Viola Girls commit with full body and voice while performing Shakespeare's texts. 
- Viola Girls take risks when speaking up and learn that their opinion is always valuable no matter what others might think.
- Viola Girls know that it's okay to be silly, serious, loud, and opinionated and no one can tell them how they are "supposed to" behave just because they're girls. 

Empathy is the ability to understand and be aware of others’ feelings and experiences in order to form connections.
- Viola Girls know that our classroom is not just a "Safe Space," but it's also a "Brave Space." We don't shy away from difficult conversations. We challenge our girls to view issues from multiple perspectives. 
- Viola Girls support the learning and experience of other girls by recognizing both their differences and similarities.
- Viola Girls reach beyond their personal scope of the world to build bridges between herself and others, whether it be Juliet, a fellow student, or a world leader.

Strength is the ability to express what you feel, believe, and know in order to take ownership over both personal growth and that of the overall community.
- Viola Girls ask questions and challenge themselves to go beyond expectations
- Viola Girls advocate for their own needs and opinions and fight for inclusion in their personal lives as well as the entire world.
- Viola Girls know that they can Just Be. There is no question.

Most of all, we believe that Viola Girls are the future and Viola Girls can change the world.