TVP makes Heidi Stevens' end of year top 10 list!

We were so thrilled when Chicago Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens wanted to feature The Viola Project in a Sunday column this summer.  (If you didn't get a chance to read Heidi's article, here it is!)  That was way back in July when we were in the thick of summer camps.  Not only did Heidi write a beautiful piece, she also arranged for campers to take a back stage tour of the Chicago Tribune!

Heidi reached back out about a week ago, this time to feature Artistic Director Skyler Schrempp as one of 10 people she met in 2016 who gave her hope for 2017.  Also featured: Leo Catholic High School principal Shaka Rawls, Caroline Bourdreaux of The Miracle Foundation, outdoor activist Audrey Petermen, Evanston Township High School principal Eric Witherspoon, activist and runner Gaylon Alcaraz, high school student Lily Alter, art therapist Ruth Overman, actress Anita Hollander and Georgy Ann Peluchiwski of Impact 100 Chicago.

The Viola Project sends a thanks and a big thumbs up to these fine folks and the world changing work they're doing!  Check them out in Heidi's article here

Who gives you hope for 2017?  Tweet us @violaproject or tweet Heidi @heidistevens13!