Celebrating our 5th Annual Presidents Day Workshop on 2/18!

A while back we heard from parents who were desperate to have something creative for their kids to do on school days off. We got to thinking, why not host a Presidents Day workshop for one-day-only to get girls talking about government and leadership? We could do scenes of great women in leadership roles, as well as cross gender cast parts like Henry V, all while getting in touch with our own leadership styles!

Now, we’re on our 5th annual Every Inch a Queen workshop and we couldn’t be more excited to continue talking to young women about what it takes to be a great leader!

I talked to Jessica Alldredge who’s been teaching the workshop since it began about what her experience has been like. She’ll be returning to teach for the 5th time at out Edgewater location on February 18th. Make sure to sign up in Edgewater or Hyde Park, as space is limited!

Our amazing teaching artist Jessica!

Our amazing teaching artist Jessica!

TVP: Why do you think it’s important to have a program like our Presidents Day workshop?

Jessica: I think this program is important because there are so many opinions about the leadership in our world, and we often aren't asking for the opinions of our youth. After the 2016 election, I remember asking a group of middle school students if they felt that their voices mattered as women and as minorities. They responded that their opinions didn’t matter because “they're kids”. Not only do we need to be asking their opinions but we need to ask in such a way that allows them to respond without fear of judgment

TVP: If you could put any Shakespeare character in the White House, who would it be and why?

Jessica: I've thought about this one and I really want to say Rosalind because she's the first one who comes to mind. She's fair and creative especially in the face of adversity. She handles herself and doesn't strive for power. The Prince from Romeo and Juliet also comes to mind. He listens to both sides and seeks justice and a more peaceful future. I think at this point in our history we do not need people who project power as much as we need people who will listen and understand that much of leadership is walking alongside those less privileged. We need someone who understands not just the rights but the responsibilities of government. 

TVP: Any cool moments from past workshops you want to share?

Jessica: The year of Trump's inauguration I was concerned about what our workshop would be. He is a polarizing figure and I was concerned that the workshop would just become mudslinging which isn't helpful for many reasons. I wanted the students to talk about actions and not individuals and to really explore the rights and responsibilities of leadership. We didn't talk about the individuals in the current administration. Instead we talked about the decisions and stances that make a leader valuable to their people.

Hope to see you all in Edgewater or Hyde Park this February 18th!