Once More Unto the Breach

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Once More Unto the Breach

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July 6-July 10

"Now go we in content, to liberty and not to banishment"

Shakespeare’s savviest ladies teach us how to keep our cool when we’re on our own - in Arden’s forests or on Chicago streets!

Shakespeare’ heroines had to keep on their toes and use their cunning to fend for themselves.  Whether trekking through Wales to get to Milford Haven or seeking refuge in Arden, the forest could be a dangerous and exciting place.  Join The Viola Project as we explore the similarities and differences between Shakespeare’s wilderness and Chicago’s streets.  At times wild and dangerous -- and always full of chance and mystery -- we’ll crack the code to keeping your cool whether you’re in the forests outside of Athens or riding the Red Line on your way to school.

Featuring workshop by guest organization IMPACT Chicago

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