WORTHY - Family Field Trip, May 16th

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WORTHY - Family Field Trip, May 16th

from 12.00

Immediately following Moms of Avon VI, join The Viola Project at Adventure Stage Chicago for a 4pm performance of WORTHY! Following the performance, we will have a conversation with creator, Dani Bryant (a frequent past guest artist for The Viola Project).

NOTE: You do not have to attend the Mother's Day workshop to attend the field trip.

A modern fairy tale, Worthy whisks four young heroes on an adventurous quest, fighting dragons, breaking curses, and choosing for themselves which paths to follow.

A new devised play, Worthy’s creative process began in spring 2014 and involved workshops called “Story Circles,” in which members of the Chicago community came together to share their insights. Dani Bryant, the show’s creator, noticed how energized young people and adults became when talking about misconceptions related to their gender or their age. “People are bursting to discuss this subject through self-reflection and connection to others,” Bryant said.  When Worthy receives its world premiere this spring, hundreds of youth and adults will have influenced and helped shape the artistic product.


Fun Fact: Last summer, The Viola Project participated in one of these "story circles" as a part of SERIOUS VANITY camp!

Tickets are $12 per person.

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