Ode to Shakespeare's Eyebrow: a birthday poem

During April's Birthday Bash workshop, the girls of the Viola Project were taken by the line from As You Like It's "All the world's a stage" speech: "...with a woeful ballad made to his mistress' eyebrow". Through the course of the day, this line was inspiration for our own ode to Shakespeare for his birthday. Enjoy!

Ode To The Eyebrow

The eyebrow
On Shakespeare's face,
That wooly caterpillar of grace,
Is furrier than 
A squirrel's tail.

Eyebrow, frybrow
The highbrow eyebrow;
Fancytown, bow down
All hail, what a male!

As these arches 
Do their marches
Up and down
With a wink,
Making generations think.

His mustache is foul
And his eyebrows are fair, 
Though both prime examples
Of facial hair.

His work we still praise
After all of these days
For Shakespeare's 450th
We all give hurrays
And pray that his eyebrows
He never does raze!