In honor of our girls who cannot vote...

A few girls that will not be voting on November 8

A few girls that will not be voting on November 8

In the last 24 hours, my social media feed has exploded with information on where to vote, how to vote, my voting rights and how important it is to vote.

It is important to vote.  No amount of cynicism can change this for me.  Every election I have ever partaken in has been billed as "the most important", "the most critical", "the most serious".  But this election feels starkly different from those I've witnessed in the past, namely in regards to gender bias.

The girls that The Viola Project works with do not have the benefit of the vote.  They cannot take part in the democratic process, though they will live with the outcomes of this election for years to come.  And however one tries to shield young people from hateful rhetoric, I assure you, they are more aware of what the nominees think of them than you would suspect.

It is because our young women cannot take part in this election that I ask you to directly invest in organizations that serve them.  The Viola Project provides a space and a platform for middle school girls to boldly combat and defy gender bias.  The Viola Project validates and celebrates the experiences of young women.  By making a gift to The Viola Project, you are cultivating a movement of respect and equality for girls and women, whether or not they can cast a vote.

I can't tell you who to vote for.  That is up to you.  But I can ask you to give our young women an example to follow by who you vote for and to give them an affirming space to be in after school by making a gift.

Fund an equal future. 

And please do vote.

Skyler Schrempp