We can't do it without you

As the world is shifts dramatically around us, thank you for the values you help cultivate in the young women of Chicago.


As rhetoric heats up across the nation from the highest level of government to the corners of every classroom in every state, your support of The Viola Project teaches young women to empathize and humanize each other.


As Chicago schools try desperately to make ends meet with fewer and fewer resources, your support of The Viola Project ensures arts education is an essential part of any student’s schooling, regardless of their color, their neighborhood or their resource level.


As we have witnessed unprecedented defiance and verbal attacks on women in leadership roles, your support of The Viola Project celebrates and cultivates the strength in girls to own their  vibrant future.

Your generosity makes this happen.  We are honored to be your partner in empowering the next generation of incredible women.  There is much work to be done.  Let’s keep working.  Together.  

Make your annual gift today.

Thank you for standing with us and our young women.

Skyler Schrempp

Artistic Director